Minister of Justice Anna E.Richardson St Maarten Youth Brigade 9th Annual Promotional Ceremony Address
~ Resilience, prospering in the face of adversity ~
Maya Angelou once said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” —
Protocol having been established, I wish all in attendance a warm good afternoon and a special good afternoon to the brigadiers being recognized and promoted in rank today.
As Minister of Justice, I am honored to be here to bear witness, but even more so, to celebrate with you on this occasion. In my capacity as Minister of Justice over the past two years, my team and I continue to focus on education and youth, not only in highlighting the many opportunities present to join the Justice chain but with an interest to prevent youth violence and delinquency. As such, I am highly elated that the St. Maarten Youth Brigade is available to our youth thereby providing a phenomenal option to avoid circumstances that could lead to our youth ending up negatively in our justice system. This organization thereby allows an opportunity to rehabilitate, retrain, and steer them in a brighter and productive direction.
Dear Brigadiers, when I look at you, I see a level of discipline displayed that brings hope for the future of law enforcement on St. Maarten. I, therefore, commend you for your commitment and willingness to develop into the kind of citizens and leaders that this nation needs. Thank you for your efforts within our community and a warm thank you to the families who also play a supporting role in the development of these young men and women. While we are here to honor your achievements, I want to let you know that your contributions to our island are valued and appreciated.
Brigadiers, as we focus on keeping our schools safe and preventing youth delinquency, you are the examples that we want to model so long as you continue the path of your core values, rules, discipline, honor, and respect. As you channel this positive achievement and continue to learn, know that you are a prime example that significantly influences your peers positively.

I am bidding the parents and guardians of these brigadiers a warm and delightful


as this day also signifies your achievements. You are on the right track in encouraging and supporting your children in this trajectory.

The Ministry of Justice hereby acknowledges the benefits of this critical program for our youth and commends the Board and organizers of the St. Maarten Youth Brigade. I am hopeful that your trajectory will lead you to a career with the Ministry of Justice thereby making a commitment to serve and protect our beloved St. Maarten.

In closing, on behalf of the Ministry of Justice and my person as Minister of Justice,


to the Class of 2022-2023. I wish each of you much success in your future endeavors. Keep up the great work!