With the purpose of rebuilding the prison system, including the construction of a new prison and house of detention, the Ministry of Justice is seeking to appoint a director for a period of, in principle, three years that has a powerful vision and the ability to enact sustainable change.


The organization

The Prison Institution is formally an executive organization of the Ministry of Justice and consists of the prison and house of detention ‘Point Blanche’, its youth dependance, better known as the ‘Miss Lalie Center’, and the prison cells at the police station in Philipsburg designated as a house of detention. The objectives of the department are to carry out detention and other custodial sentences in a humane manner and to offer programs to promote the rehabilitation of inmates. To achieve this, the prison is responsible for detaining inmates and ensuring a structured reintegration program. The prison system is subject to a reorganization, under which a new function book has been drawn up, which once formally adopted must be implemented.  The process to replace the existing prison has recently started.


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