Workshop goal

Goal: The goal of the workshop is to improve the quality of human resource management and practices at the Ministry of Justice of Sint Maarten

Subgoal: identify 1-2 potential candidates to be assigned as Human Resource advisors at Stafbureau

Course outline

  1. The advising process and role of the HR-advisor
  2. The HR advise Canvas
  3. The civil servant and its legal environment
  4. Meaning of competent authority and the decision-making process
  5. Functions and job descriptions, Appointment and Promotion
  6. Salary scales, salary & compensation
  7. Vacation and leave of absence
  8. Performance, Duties and Performance review and Disciplinary procedures
  9. Objection and appeal

Proposed time(s) and date(s)

  1. Session 1 (topics A-B): April 13, 2022, from 09.00-12.00
  2. Session 2 (topics C-F): April 15, from 09.00-12.00
  3. Session 3 (topics G-H): April 20, from 09.00-12.00 and 13.30-15.00)
  4. Session 4 (topics I): April 22, from 09.00-13.00 (certificate of participation)

Participant minimums and maximums


Participant Profile

At least 2-year experience working as a civil servant, minimum full college or professional training human resource, operational management, legal assistant training, and highly motivated. Participants must be fluent in English and Dutch.

Your instructor bio

Alvin M. Daal, LLM, MBA: More than 25 yr experience in top-level government advisory positions; change management in various large departments in the Netherlands Antilles and Curaçao; legislative experience with legal positions regulations for law enforcement organizations; member of negotiation team Justice Rijkswetten previous to 2010.