Philipsburg – The Honorable Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson with Union representatives and other external partners, continue to work diligently on the finalization of the remaining documents connected to compensation packages and benefits for law enforcement officers of the Ministry of Justice such as KPSM, immigration and the other agencies within the Ministry. One of the main items being focused on is the backlog of regulation for the legal position of KPSM police officers. The Function Book was approved on December 20, 2021, and the National Decree for its effective date is currently on the legislative track. However, in response to requests made for promotions by officers of KPSM, Minister Richardson has taken the decision to grant the pending promotions and process the relevant advices for the formalization of the awarded promotions.
The rectification of the position of officers within KPSM was preceded by several other actions required. The formalization required the function book to be approved, the new salary scales to be adopted, a new regulation, and several related regulations on the legal position of police officers to be completed. Steps are already being taken to implement the solutions recommended in the SOAB report which includes the needed information to proceed with the final disbursement of the payment due to KPSM officers and some immigration officers. Preparations are also being made for the settlements with police officers who have been waiting for a long time to have their legal positions regulated.
While the approved and published Function Book will come into force within this third quarter, the final actions, namely the salary scales and the updating of the regulation on the legal basis of Justice workers are currently being completed in consultation with three unions. All parties are working on a fast track to complete the remaining items so that the national decrees of promotions can be issued. Understanding that this conclusion has been long in the making, the position of the KPSM police officers is acknowledged as they have continued to serve and execute their tasks daily.
On May 16, Minister Richardson made a commitment in writing, expressing to the class of 2011 and 2015, that their promotions would be honored. In a recent court proceeding, the judge is of the position that the intent needs to be officially formalized by National Decree. This is in total alignment with the efforts being pushed behind the scenes by the Ministry and its stakeholders.
“My commitment to the KPSM officers and all Justice workers is steadfast and in no way deterred by the many obstacles encountered during the past year. Management of the Ministry of Justice and I will ensure that all rights due to personnel within the Ministry will be honored. Promotions have been granted and communicated to the KPSM officers, while with their union representatives, the last mile of work is being concluded. Solutions are sought and being worked on to bring relief while the formalization of the decrees is being awaited,” stated Minister Richardson. The value of the Justice workers is acknowledged and with new procedures adopted the Ministry strives to have better and faster handling of requests of its workers.