The Immigration Department hereby wishes to inform the public that all efforts are currently being made to diligently process every application. Nevertheless, the following should be taken into account;


  • According to article 2.9 from the Richtlijnen 2012, “the length of time for processing of any application is 4 months”.


Also, to check the status of your application please send an email to with subject “Status of application and the IND number with your name”. Please also be reminded that the phone systems are still being upgraded therefore by sending an email contact should be made much easier and faster, and we cannot ensure that all calls during upgrades process will be answered.


In addition, we would like to remind the public that on Tuesday and Thursday, persons are allowed to walk in to pick-up their permit and no appointment is needed. Please make use of this opportunity, as your permit is not valid if you do not sign it. Upon arrival please ensure you have the following required documents available;


  • 2 Dutch passport sized pictures locally taken o Valid medical insurance


o  Valid passport


And lastly, all newly updated residence application forms can be downloaded from the website (on the Immigration Page) and also to the website.


We thank you kindly for your understanding and cooperation.


Best regards,


Immigration Management Team


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