Philipsburg – Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson took note of an article that was published by the Police Union (NAPB) on March 4, 2021. After a decade of not having a Function book in place for the Ministry of Justice, a Project organization comprising of a Steering Committee and a Workgroup was installed on September 4, 2020. On December 22, 2020, just three months after the installation of the workgroup, the Ministry of Justice’s Function Book consisting of all nine (9) departments was handed over to the Committee of Civil Servants Unions (CCSU) for their review and advice. As required by law, consultations of such sort must be held with the CCSU.

The CCSU was given 6 weeks to render their advice, however, on January 28, 2021, a letter was sent by the Chairman of the CCSU Mr. Rafael Boasman requesting a 4-week extension. Minister Richardson granted the requested extension giving the CCSU additional time to review and render an advice to the workgroup by or before March 1, 2021.  The advice from the CCSU has since been delivered to the workgroup and is currently being reviewed. A response will be given to the CCSU concerning the advice that was rendered and the relevant changes that will be made where and if necessary.

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