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Declaration of Conduct
Will I still be able to apply in person for a VOG at the Public Service Center (PSC)?
No, the VOG application process has been completely transferred to an online application process.
How long will it take to receive my VOG?
Once the application is completed, all required documents including the payment receipt is uploaded, the application will be processed in 2-6 weeks. If however the applicant does have a criminal record, the process time could span longer.
Is it possible to put in an urgent request for a VOG? If so, what is the procedure and costs involved?
No, at this moment it is not possible to submit an urgent request for a VOG.
Will I receive a confirmation once I submit my application online?
Yes, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provide during the online application process. This email will include an application reference number. Be sure to check your Spam folder for this confirmation email.
I have already submitted an application in person prior to the online process and am awaiting my VOG. Should I resubmit my application online?
No, you do not need to re-submit your application online. All applications submitted prior to the online option are currently being processed and remain a priority.
Can I pay online for the Declaration of Conduct (VOG)?
Online payment processing is not yet available. As such, the payment of the application fee has to be done via the Receivers’ Office. You shall present the email confirmation received after completing the online application to the cashier at the Receivers’ Office to execute the payment. The proof of payment (Receipt) is one of the documents you will have to upload in the online application process for a VOG.
What if I do not have a computer or scanner to my availability to submit the VOG application?
You can make use of the computer and scanner at the Immigration and Border Protection Office at A.T. Illidge Road #8. The opening hours are: 8:00AM to 4:00PM
How will I receive my finalized VOG document?
You will receive your VOG or denial letter via email. For this reason it is essential that you ensure the email address you provide during the application process is correct. It is important that the email account is the one that you have access to. Important Note: Always check your Junk or Spam folder.
What is a VOG / Declaration of Conduct? Is it the same as a police record?
A Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag (VOG) or Declaration of Conduct has become a known requirement in many instances in everyday life in Sint Maarten. This declaration is often requested as an independent verification means for the behavior of a person. When a VOG is requested, research is carried out into the applicant’s judicial history weighing the interest of the applicant against the risk to society in the light of the purpose of the application. If there is no evidence of objections against the applicant, the VOG will be issued. In other cases, the VOG is denied. The VOG / Declaration of Conduct is not the same as a police record or police certificate which is often a requirement listed by foreign authorities. A Police record/certificate fully details all (historical and current) available information on a person reflected in judicial records. In contrast to a VOG / Declaration of Conduct, it does not require a consideration of the Minister of information against the back drop of a particular purpose.
What is considered a criminal record?
A criminal record can include convictions, imposed and outstanding fines (including traffic fines) and pending criminal proceedings. This can be judicial documentation originating from Sint Maarten but also from countries within our Kingdom as well as other foreign countries.
I once applied for a VOG for one purpose, but now need one for a different purpose. Can I use the VOG that was issued to be prior?
No, you cannot reuse a VOG that was previously issued to you for one purpose (e.g. immigration) for another purpose ( e.g. directorship). You must request a new VOG for the specific purpose. The VOG is then issued (or denied) for the specific purpose it was requested for.
What happens if my VOG is denied? Are there any specific consequences to being denied?
It will always remain to the discretion of the authority that is requesting you to submit a VOG, to decide upon the consequences, if any, should you be denied a VOG.
What is the validity period of a VOG?
There is no legal validity period of a VOG. It is the entity that is requesting you to submit a VOG who determines its validity and how recent your VOG must be.
I would like to have more information about the VOG - Declaration of Conduct Policy of the Ministry of Justice and the relevant legislation. Where can I find that information?
The VOG - Declaration of Conduct Policy of the Ministry of Justice can be found on the website of the Ministry of Justice, www.ministryofjustice.sx. The relevant law for the issuing of VOGs is the National Ordinance Judicial Documentation and Declarations of Conduct.